Haldon Industries specialise in the provision of modular and fully customisable water treatment
solutions Australia Wide and Internationally.

Every project is unique.

Every project is unique. Haldon Industries appreciate that each individual project will present its
own complications and logistical challenges. With this in mind that Haldon Industries design each
treatment system to suit a projects specific need.

Our water treatment technologies include:

Pre Conditioning

pH Correction

Coagulation & Flocculation

Primary Settling

Dissolved Air Flotation

Air Stripping

Chemical and Biological Oxidation

Physical Filtration, Adsorption

& Ion Exchange

Reverse Osmosis

We have treated water from the following processes / sources:

Contaminated Groundwater

Landfill Leachate

PFAS Contaminated Water

Industrial Waste Water

Construction Groundwater & Surface Water

Our water treatment plants are fully customisable and can be easily modified to suit a required flow rates and specific contaminant loading

Haldon Industries water treatment solutions are fully customisable and can be modified to ensure required flow rates are met while variable contaminant loading in water.

Haldon Industries were established with the target of providing pragmatic, high quality and cost- effective solutions to the management of waste water, water extraction, dewatering, and the treatment and disposal of waste.


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