Haldon Industries boast an experienced team of Environmental Scientists and Engineers. The
team at Haldon Industries work collaboratively with clientele to ensure that the most effective
remediation technology is implemented on each unique site.

Minimising offsite disposal

The Haldon Industries team are highly experienced in the remediation and management of contaminated sites.

The key to ensuring the successful remediation of a contaminated brownfield site is the correct selection of the remediation technology to applied. Poor selection of the remediation technology can result in ineffective contaminant removal and well as having drastic implications on cost and


At Haldon Industries we strive to ensure that the correct technology is implemented on all of our remediation projects. We are committed to minimising offsite disposal and always try to remediate in-situ wherever possible.

If choosing our technologies we first identify and investigate the major contaminant of concern associated with the project. We then take into consideration all other co-contamaints, the profile of the soil, the influence of the sites groundwater table and all other environmental influences in order to shortlist possible remediation strategies. We then draw on the extensive experience of our scientist and engineers, proven technologies as well as resent scientific innovations to finally choose the remediation strategy.

The remediation technologies we offer include:


Chemical oxidation Immobilisation

Soil Vapour Extraction

Thermal Desorption

Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

Permeable Reactive Barriers Stabilisation


Haldon Industries were established with the target of providing pragmatic, high quality and cost- effective solutions to the management of waste water, water extraction, dewatering, and the treatment and disposal of waste.


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