Haldon Industries are proven industry leaders in PFAS waste stream treatment &

management solutions.

PFAS Water  Treatment Solutions 

To date we have successfully treated a wide range of PFAS impacted material. Material treated ranges from contaminated groundwater (low range contamination) to AFFF waters from fire suppression systems (medium
range contamination) to heavily contaminated industrial waste water (high range contamination). 


Haldon has delivered projects for both private and public sector clients.
Haldon Industries are the current holder of a NSW EPA Mobile Treatment Licence for the treatment of wastes codes N140 – Fire Debris and Fire Wash waters; and M250 Surface active agents (surfactants) containing principally organic constituents and which may contain metals and inorganic materials (PFAS contaminated water). This allows for the onsite treatment of PFAS contaminated water to be carried on privately owned land and discharged to sewer under a trade waste agreement.

Haldon’s proprietary PFAS Water treatment regime is made effective with various specialist ion exchange and adsorption medias. The treatment systems ion exchange medias customised in both type and sequence to ensure project specific challenges are addressed in the most efficient manner.

The result of a PFAS system paired to a project specific environment is

increased capacity for bulk PFAS extraction with zero leakage.

PFAS vessels that have reached allowable capacity can be regenerated

in various ways. Haldon Industries have a multitude of methods

for regeneration to ensure waste is reduced and sustainable

outcomes met.

Our tailored filter media vessel design and layout allow for immediate reconfiguration for different treatment
pathways as and when required (ie. changing contaminant types and concentrations). This ensures that each resin type is used extremely efficiently for each specific incoming waste stream.  This allows the costs associated with operation and media disposal are kept to a minimum thus providing a more budget friendly solution to our clients.

The end result is a system that has the ability to treat waters from various sources grossly contaminated with PFAS (proven up to 42,000ug/L total PFAS) in one pass and is capable of achieving non-detect total PFAS and non-detect total TOPA in the effluent.

NSW EPA Mobile Treatment Licence

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Haldon Industries were established with the target of providing pragmatic, high quality and cost- effective solutions to the management of waste water, water extraction, dewatering, and the treatment and disposal of waste.


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